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The Screw's classification, type


Usually the screw can be divided into common type, gradient type, mutant, mixing type, separate type, shunt and a variety of barrier-type, pin type, DIS open bar shunt
And exhaust type, etc.; screw heads can be changed to a single head or top.
Flame retardants for plastics generally do not increase, the use of ordinary general-purpose screw can be processed, just need to use different melt viscosities can be different diameters. If
Is the performance more special plastic, special products or special shape of the plastic particles, you must use special screws. Universal screw on a particular plastic, in the plastics and
Power consumption and other aspects not as special screw superior performance. Here is a variety of special products, special needs and create a special screw to make elaborate.
PC special screw
Pc is the high viscosity of non-crystalline plastic, poor mobility, long heat readily biodegradable, feeding torque, hard to melt, easy tying, expected to be high temperature, high pressure injection
Shot, the material temperature adjustment range is narrow, craft-oriented than PMMA.
Screw all imported high-alloy steel hardened, effectively withstand high torque, high pressure impact, abrasion, surface plating, corrosion-resistant, smooth non-porous to
Reduce the adhesion and degradation, careful handling detail structure, effectively prevent the possession of plastic, low-cut design, small heat. And generally small in diameter, forming PCABS + PC,
PP-R, flame retardant ABS and other good results. Can also be molded plastic and general PMMA ordinary products, but less effective color mixing. Add toner such as plastic, to be customized to enhance mixing
Type of screw.
Ultra-thin precision molding with the industry, providing a large diameter screw piecemeal, short-long change, the injection pressure to raise more than 3000Kgf/cm, shoot seat forward transformation (change
Made after the normal restitution).
PMMA special screw
PMMA as a high viscosity non-crystalline plastic, qualitative robust feeding torque, hard melt, easy tying, shear-sensitive readily biodegradable, somewhat less liquidity, expected to be high
Temperature, high pressure injection, the material temperature adjustment range, technology is better.
Screw compression is relatively large, high-alloy steel imported full hardening, effectively withstand high torque, high pressure shock, surface hard chrome plating to reduce adhesion and
Degradation, plasticization effect, mixing a good, low-cut design, low fever, degradation rate. Generally the middle diameter, forming PMMA, PP-R, PC, ABS and other resistance
Add toner when the effect is good.
CP, CA acid screw components:
For CP, CA and other corrosive acidic properties of plastic, screw, tube melt, and other plastics components in the structure and surface treatment done on a special design.
Screw components Good corrosion resistance. Recommendation supporting the use of corrosion-resistant bimetallic barrel.
PVC special screw
PVC plastic can be divided into granular and powder, the reaction temperature is very sensitive to decomposition, high viscosity, corrosion resistance. Screw design has two features: the surface must be
Be chrome; no separate plastic apron and sub-meson.
Good plasticizing screw, cutting, less heat, acid corrosion. Because there is no over apron, plastic can not be used for low viscosity and injection pressure classification more accurate speed control
There are two screw design: plastic screw head and sub-one; screw and separate sub-pad style. Product quality high and only a single chipped plastic (PVC) is
Siamese-style using the most appropriate
Instead you can use split, but be careful, screw and glue the first sub-plot could easily lead to separation of materials. But the choice of what kind of screw with our recommendations must be dedicated thermometer for precise temperature control,
As the heat required to cool the PVC products do melt rubber tube forced air cooling measures should be adopted in conjunction with the screw. Soft PVC toys to fight the system, except
PU, TPU special screw
PU shear sensitive and easy for the fire, strong adhesion and characteristics of the design, surface hard chrome plating, smooth feeding, plastics, high efficiency, low temperature rise.
Soft, EVA foam type of special screw
Low shear, high transmission efficiency design, surface hard chrome plating.
PET special pole
PET plastic is now generally used raw materials of plastic bottled drinks, low viscosity, good fluidity, heat capacity, easy sticky material, the molding temperature is high, but the material temperature adjustment
Section narrow, poor technology, PET injection molding temperature is too high if the material, screw cutting speed is too fast or are too prone to acidification caused by acetaldehyde.
Requirements for PET and PET plastics preform fast, even the characteristics of plastics, screw plasticizing, high stability, non-stick material, melt fast, blowing preform made
Bottle into the rate. Molded plastic can also be general. But we know that in general manufacturers in mainland China to fight the system PET preform feed intake will increase, in this case is designed PET
With the screw is not very suitable, whereas ordinary screw chrome more appropriate. It is necessary to attach the nozzle in the anti-salivation devices.
PA6/66/46/6T special screw nail

PA low viscosity crystalline plastics, high temperature, melt speed, self-lubricating, water flow is good and easy salivation, temperature-sensitive and easy cold head, moisture Big Easy
Stuck feeding spiral groove section, coloring difficult.
Screw compression ratio, non-return precision, mixing effect, fluxes and stability, plastics, high efficiency, exhaust effect. Generally the middle diameter, forming PA, PP,
LCP and other low-viscosity plastic crystalline effect. But also the general shape of plastic. For PC, PMMA high viscosity flame retardant ABS plastic and thermal stability does not apply (in
Section of high temperature, decomposition), forming a hard chrome plating POM necessary. Nozzle temperature heat best, and necessary additional anti-salivation devices.
PPO Special screw

PPO is a non-crystalline material, melting hard, easy tying on the shear-sensitive, readily biodegradable.
Recommended two-alloy to improve wear and corrosion resistance, C-class can, screw feeding smoothly, resulting in pressure stability.

PBT + GF special screw

PBT resin is saturated, semi-crystalline materials, high melting, crystalline rapid curing fast, easy to break down, and the need for pressure-sensitive glass fiber.
Must use double-alloy to improve wear resistance, according to the organization increases the amount of a C, B, A three kinds of project level options, put pressure on the screw stability. Molding PBT + GF,
PA + GF and other crystalline engineering plastics with low viscosity effect.

Marbling special screw

Two options: A: only need to replace the marbling effect of the screw; B: replacement of marble screw barrel package, the control computer to modify the program or increase the electrical plug.

Bakelite, urea group dedicated screw barrel

Materials useful in hot oil loop heating, double screw recommendation grade C alloy; old machine can also be converted into a plastic Bakelite Injection
Enhanced mixing effect of mixing head
Mixing head is the head of another sub-plastic design, the main effect of enhanced mixing, but when used with the following restrictions: when the back pressure will cause increased melt; melt by the time
Long; does not apply to high viscosity of plastics such as PMMA, PC and so on. If customers are not satisfied with the general color mixing can increase the melt back pressure and reduce screw speed, there will be some
Effects appear. If customers do not want to add color mixing with the mixing head effect can be daisy-type Injection meson. 

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